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Teacher Pay in Eagle County

In Eagle County, a teacher pay program continues to evolve, in many ways similar to the slow progress of ProComp, but without all the drama.  In no small part because of the small size of the school district (less than 500 teachers), the … Continue reading

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How to spend $2 billion, badly…

IF there was any doubt, this article by the irrepressible Diane Ravitch looks as the Gates (Bill, not Rubber) initiative to create small high schools and finds that there are no quick fixes for urban education.

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Another approach to Charters and facilities

News of a school board moving beyond an initial adversarial approach to facilities and charter schools: The district sponsored few charters and refused to lease empty schools to them even as many of its buildings stood empty. Still, other city charter schools thrived. … Continue reading

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Competition and choice in space sharing

Several of the recent articles on the DPS school-sharing proposal feature school representatives voicing their fear over increased “competition.” In doing so they further blur a complex line between competition and choice, which finds that choice (and the resulting specialization) … Continue reading

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Controversy include space for academics?

This Denver Post article about space-sharing in DPS focuses on two schools (Kennedy and West) who both have strong parent advocates who want their schools left alone.  The article does not mention their academic programs, so let’s look: WEST: is currently ranked … Continue reading

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ProComp 2.0: Deja Voodoo all over again?

Perhaps the biggest flaw in the initial version of ProComp was not the plan itself, but the chasm between how ProComp was described and what it actually contained. During the ballot initiative process numerous groups — including ProComp’s designers and … Continue reading

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Taxpayers, school bonds, and financial markets

Yesterday, Douglas County voters rejected a $395 million bond issue for renovation and construction of school buildings, and also dinged a $17 million ballot issue to finance educational programs and boost teacher salaries. Somewhat overshadowed is the same-day news (via … Continue reading

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