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Time to tell teachers the pension truth

It’s deeply discouraging to those of us who have been watching pensions – not just in regards to teachers, but for municipalities overall – to see the very people who will probably be most affected deceived by their elder peers. Such is the current … Continue reading

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DPS Bond Sale

In good news for the district as it begins to recover its financial bearings, DPS successfully sold a first tranche of the $454 million in bonds approved by voters last fall. The sale of about $150 million worth of bonds by Denver Public Schools … Continue reading

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What can turn DPS around?

DPS Board Vice-President Michelle Moss quoted in Monday’s Denver Post article: “We are turning to charter schools and innovation schools, but even if we serve 10,000 more kids in charters, the vast majority are still in Denver schools that are dramatically … Continue reading

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How to kill innovation

The Denver Post reports that the DPS Board is split on allowing two schools to adopt different practices under the recent School Innovation law. A battle is brewing over two Denver schools that are seeking freedom from a host of state laws … Continue reading

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Race to the bottom

In the reflection of Obama’s speech comes a strong editorial from the NY Times with a clear explanation of why national standards are important: The nation has a patchwork of standards that vary widely from state to state and a system under … Continue reading

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School board elections

With Denver’s school board elections inching closer – with at least two open seats and four seats total to be decided – a recent election in Los Angeles may serve as a harbinger: Candidates backed by the teachers union won Tuesday’s contested … Continue reading

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