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DougCo: Sound and Fury Signifying Something?

In my experience, School Board members are rarely reliable commentators on the academic quality of their districts.  So an Op-Ed in yesterday’s Denver Post by a sitting Douglas County school board member caught my eye, particularly given the amount of … Continue reading

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The Talking Dog of Denver’s ProComp

The CTU strike has renewed a conversation about teacher compensation, and the issue of performance pay (which did not survive the windy city negotiations).  Unfortunately most of the discussion lumps all changes to the standard salary ladder of traditional districts … Continue reading

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CTU Strike is Not The World’s End

The primary media narrative concerning the CTU strike seems to be that it is a MegaBattle which could decide the future of unions, the structure of schools, the influence of ed reform policy wonks, and the very soul of K-12 … Continue reading

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Charters, Unions, and the Chicago Teachers Strike

9/10 Update: CPS strike is now on, however there are 116 public schools still in session, and 10 of them have independent unions. Read more below. Original Post: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is facing a rancorous and divisive teacher’s strike, … Continue reading

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DougCo Teacher Exodus

DougCo, exhibit 1 on how a district can posture to alienate the local union and have little to show for it, is seeing a teacher exodus with the Onion-esque delicious detail of teachers named Hire who decide to quit: Brian Hire … Continue reading

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The 2010 election and ed reform

One of the ongoing lessons of the shifting electorate is that party affiliation is less and less likely to predict specific election outcomes.  It’s simply no longer possible to count votes based purely on one’s declared party.  2010 clearly demonstrated … Continue reading

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What’s missing from the DPS pension dispute?

What’s missing? Teachers. And that’s a little odd, isn’t it, since it is their pensions primarily at issue, and individually they have the most to gain or to lose.  Now mix in that the same people crying foul over the … Continue reading

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