About Ooms’ Views

I’m currently a senior fellow in education with the Donnell-Kay Foundation in Denver, Colorado where I founded the EdSeeds program; I also serve on the boards of Colorado Succeeds, the Colorado Charter Schools Institute, and the Charter Schools Development Corporation; my pervious board service includes STRIVE Prep and the Colorado chapter of Stand for Children. The thoughts in these pieces are mine, and neither reflective nor endorsed by any organization.

I’ve been blogging on education issues since my first essay on ProComp in June of 2008. After four years and over 150 posts for EdNews Colorado (who continue to cross-post many of my pieces), and several Op-Eds with the Denver Post, I’ve moved my writings to this site in the fall of 2012 — regretfully, without the comments on the original pieces, most of which can still be seen in the EdNews archives.

My full background and contact information are on LinkedIn.

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