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DPS and the credit crises

This little news nugget caught my attention over the weekend: Denver Public Schools’ pension plan was pulled into the financial crisis on Wall Street this week when a dearth of buyers at a bond sale cost the fund “hundreds of … Continue reading

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Beware the “for the kids” canard

One of my seminal moments in education reform was a Denver BOE meeting many years ago. There was a resolution before the board, and a BOE member spoke passionately and articulately in its favor, ending their statement by saying “we … Continue reading

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A charter school analogy

In an environment where both Presidential candidates have called for an expansion of the roles of Charter schools, and highly-visible and encouragingly successful school districts such as New York, New Orleans and Chicago have embraced Charters as part of their … Continue reading

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Don’t underestimate market impact

One of my general beliefs is that markets – for good or for evil, and there is plenty of both – are enormously powerful and should never be underestimated. Trying to act against an established and growing market is akin … Continue reading

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How much experience is enough?

One of the accepted truisms of teaching is that you have to do it for a while before you are any good. The accepted amount of time varies: many people think teachers are only seasoned after 3 years, while I … Continue reading

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Education Songs

I was surprised yesterday to see my iPod’s random shuffle cough up a song titled “Education” by modest mouse. Unfortunately (perhaps predictably?) it sucked. And the lyrics were pretty bad as well, even for high-school poets. A few minutes on Google and … Continue reading

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Character Study at 5280

5280 Magazine, perhaps better known for recent cover stories including “Summer Fun Guide” and “The Definitive Denver Pet Guide,” has evidently found the new critical category list. Yes, September marks 5280′s entrance into Education, with a report on “Denver’s Top Schools“. … Continue reading

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