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The False Dawn of Denver’s School Performance

Denver Public Schools has released their 2013 School Performance Framework (SPF). The summary is mixed — the distribution of performance has stretched, so there are more kids in both the highest-quality and the lowest-quality schools. When aggregated, the gains are … Continue reading

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Does School Choice Increase Segregation?

One of the arguments opponents of school choice — and particularly those who are anti charter schools — now make most frequently is that increased options and the ability for families to select schools rather than be assigned to them … Continue reading

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High School Savior Syndrome

A new day is dawning at North High School. Under the watchful eye of an experienced and proven principal, with the unwavering support of passionate teachers and coupled to galvanized support from many residents, North High is on a fresh … Continue reading

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The contortions of Arturo Jimenez

DPS Board Member Arturo Jimenez contributed an Op-Ed to Sunday’s Denver Post in which he explained his rationale for opposing the upcoming Bond.  Mr. Jimenez stressed that the largest problem he sees in DPS is the chronic underachievement of Denver’s … Continue reading

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Teacher Attrition in Charter Schools

One of the traditional complaints about charter schools is that they have high teacher turnover.  Particularly when hired through alternative channels (such as Teach for America), many critics believe – and several studies have borne out – that charter teachers … Continue reading

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Charters, Unions, and the Chicago Teachers Strike

9/10 Update: CPS strike is now on, however there are 116 public schools still in session, and 10 of them have independent unions. Read more below. Original Post: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is facing a rancorous and divisive teacher’s strike, … Continue reading

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Segregation & DPS

One of the early criticisms leveled against charter schools was that they were “skimming kids” – that the lottery enrollment policy used by charters resulted in the admission of primarily the brightest, most motivated students.  This argument has faded (at … Continue reading

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