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The Future of College

A remarkable essay in the New York Times on the rise of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and their impact on higher education. What is particularly striking is less the insatiable appetite for this sort of offering (which has been … Continue reading

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Teacher Evaluation: Separating Personality from Policy

Coverage of education — like most of public policy — tends to gravitate towards big personalities. For a while there was the Michelle Rhee vs. Diane Ravich slugfest, or this summer’s grudge match of Rahm Emmanuel vs. Karen Lewis, which … Continue reading

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Signal Defeats Noise!

In my opinion, the biggest unheralded winner in yesterday’s election was Thomas Bayes. Now Bayes died back in 1761, but his influence lives on in Bayes’ Theorem, which is one of the tentpoles of modern statistics and probability.  His modern … Continue reading

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