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CSAP (in advance)

Students across Colorado finished their CSAP exams last week; results will not be distributed until late summer. Of course, most articles about the CSAPs are written after the results are public, where most people dissect the numbers and look for … Continue reading

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Roundtable on Harlem charters

An interesting piece in the NY Times on the current debate over charter schools in Harlem, featuring four prominent voices.  Try the one you disagree with most first. A brief sample: Geoffrey Canada: The real question of choice is for the public school … Continue reading

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Kansas City’s second act

The budget rumbles begin, but the story in KC has a lot more context.  To start, from the Wall Street Journal (or try the NYT): The Kansas City Missouri School Board voted Wednesday night to shutter nearly half of its schools in an … Continue reading

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Can you teach teaching?

In this remarkably insightful article, Doug Lemov seems to think so: Central to Lemov’s argument is a belief that students can’t learn unless the teacher succeeds in capturing their attention and getting them to follow instructions. Educators refer to this art, … Continue reading

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Alternatives to seniority-based layoffs

In the discussion regarding direct placement of teachers, it is sometimes perceived that this system is the standard course of events — that our nation’s public school systems all have a similar process.  A report from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) finds that … Continue reading

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