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The charter difference in D.C.

Having just posted on the need to close bad charter schools, it’s good to end the week on a positive note.  In Washington D.C., long one of the cities with the worst public education system in the nation, charters are … Continue reading

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Closing bad charters

After a national election where both candidates supported enhanced funding for charter schools, and the appointment of a Secretary of Education who has seen an expansion of charters in his Chicago district (47 over his term), it is hopefully time to move … Continue reading

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Bennet Bingo….

With the Secretary of Education position now decided, one might think the game of guessing DPS’s new Superintendent in the new year would pass.  Not so fast…

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Competition and Choice

Denver Public Schools’ recent decision to have different schools share buildings provoked fearful cries of “increased competition” among some neighborhood advocates. But these objections blur the important distinction between competition and choice. While unfettered competition could well have a negative … Continue reading

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Song of Themselves

DCTA president Kim Ursetta’s full endorstatement on Michael Bennet was just posted by Alan, where she concludes: Michael Bennet would bring new ideas and approaches to the U.S. Department of Education. This press release was sent to the media on Tuesday, and … Continue reading

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Strange Bedfellows (an ongoing series)

The latest tangent from the speculation regarding Bennet’s potential as Secretary of Education, is a press release from the Denver teacher’s union supporting the choice: “He is reform-minded and interested in new approaches,” wrote Kim Ursetta, president of the Denver … Continue reading

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Malcom Gladwell on hiring teachers

Gladwell is an original and arresting writer.  I really like The Tipping Point (which has recently been cited in several education meetings I’ve attended).  But I thought Blink flat-out stunk (read The Wisdom Of Crowds instead).  Unfortunately, his essay on hiring, which schizophrenically jumps between American football players and teachers before … Continue reading

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