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Bill Gates on Ed (and Bennet teaser)

Newsweek’s Jonathan Alter has an article on Bill Gates, which happens to also mention Denver’s own Michael Bennet as a potential Secretary of Education. Gates, as we’ve seen, has spent lots of money with little effect, so it’s interesting to see how his thinking … Continue reading

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More bodies to the rubber rooms

Apparently not yet shamed by the series of reports (NYT, Daily News, NY Post) on New York City’s rubber rooms where, under union rules, roughly 700 teachers collect salaries for not teaching with an estimated annual cost of over $60M, Randi Weingarten wants … Continue reading

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Management and labor

While I continue to admire the attempts, I don’t know of any successful organization where there is not a credible distinction between management and labor, particularly in something as complex and demanding as education.  Full article. The principal of a … Continue reading

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Pay to show…. up?

Down in Pueblo, there is controversy over Cesar Chavez charter school offering students$100 gift certificates to enroll. My gut reaction was very much in opposition, but on reflection it is harder for me to argue against it entirely.  Here is the … Continue reading

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What’s next, naming rights?

Wacky enough that one might suspect it’s a gag, but who knows.  Article here. At 3 cents a page, his tests would cost more than $500 a year. His copying budget: $316. But he wanted to give students enough practice … Continue reading

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Charter school unionizes

An interesting article on a Charter school in Brighton, Massachusetts that is unionizing. What I find compelling about this development is the opportunity for the union (in this case the American Federation of Teachers Massachusetts) to develop a model that works within the charter movement, … Continue reading

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