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The Future of College

A remarkable essay in the New York Times on the rise of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and their impact on higher education. What is particularly striking is less the insatiable appetite for this sort of offering (which has been … Continue reading

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Tuition subsidies: A difference of degrees

States subsidize college for many of their residents.  Generally this has been perceived as a good trade-off: a state (and its taxpayers) benefit in a variety of ways by having a more educated populace and workforce. But with budgets under … Continue reading

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SchoolChoice and the Marriage Problem

One of the biggest changes last year in DPS was the implementation of the SchoolChoice program, which matches candidates with schools by using an efficient algorithm so that there are no two students who would trade places. That this was … Continue reading

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The Talking Dog of Denver’s ProComp

The CTU strike has renewed a conversation about teacher compensation, and the issue of performance pay (which did not survive the windy city negotiations).  Unfortunately most of the discussion lumps all changes to the standard salary ladder of traditional districts … Continue reading

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Charters, Unions, and the Chicago Teachers Strike

9/10 Update: CPS strike is now on, however there are 116 public schools still in session, and 10 of them have independent unions. Read more below. Original Post: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is facing a rancorous and divisive teacher’s strike, … Continue reading

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DougCo Teacher Exodus

DougCo, exhibit 1 on how a district can posture to alienate the local union and have little to show for it, is seeing a teacher exodus with the Onion-esque delicious detail of teachers named Hire who decide to quit: Brian Hire … Continue reading

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Small schools math mistake

While it’s true that in education, the topic of math and probability is often viewed as an annoying impediment to passionate opinion, for anyone interested in using data to draw conclusions — and perhaps informing opinion — I highly recommend this … Continue reading

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