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Loco control

Defeat often begets a scapegoat.  In the wake of the twice-short Colorado application to R2T, this has now solidified: the judges were “perplexed by local control” which led to a lack of objectivity. This is a familiar refrain — them pointy-headed … Continue reading

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R2T: 2, Colo: 0

I confess my interest and knowledge on Race to the Top is at some small distance: I did not follow the nuances closely, believing (correctly) that the Colorado bid was in good hands, and (incorrectly) that the hard work of … Continue reading

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Public schools aren’t all that

This month in Denver, six new public schools open their doors. Both innovation and charter schools operating autonomously from certain district and union regulations, these programs offer novel approaches ranging from environmental sustainability to language immersion in Mandarin Chinese. Their … Continue reading

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How to kill innovation

The Denver Post reports that the DPS Board is split on allowing two schools to adopt different practices under the recent School Innovation law. A battle is brewing over two Denver schools that are seeking freedom from a host of state laws … Continue reading

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