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Indiana’s Accountability Mess: On Becoming A Monster

Update 8/1: Since I published this piece, Bennett has resigned and Anne Hyslop at the New America Foundation has done the hard and invaluable work of checking the math. Original post follows: ————————————————————————–  The story that former Indiana Superintendent and … Continue reading

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Sunlight and election questions

The plight of newspapers is well known; how information about important topics like school board races is disseminated and reviewed by voters is both incredibly important and in real flux. How does the public – especially a younger demographic less … Continue reading

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Shhhhh. Don’t talk about quality.

The Denver Post’s article yesterday focuses on schools trying to attract students.  It talks about marketing, fliers, door-to-door recruiting, money, branding, promotion, etc.  Absent, except for one indirect instance, is any mention of school quality. Quality not only matters, in choosing schools … Continue reading

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Media Coverage (sigh)

Here is the headline on an article from the Rocky on Wednesday: DPS has no plans to close schools, job finalist says Here is the information that led to the headline, five paragraphs later: [Boasberg] said there were no plans to close … Continue reading

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