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Teacher Surveys and Public Opinion

The debate over SB 191 — better known as the bill that revamped teacher evaluations — was a watershed moment in Colorado, and one of the most bitterly debated education issues of the decade.  Proponents of the bill took out … Continue reading

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Teacher Evaluation: Separating Personality from Policy

Coverage of education — like most of public policy — tends to gravitate towards big personalities. For a while there was the Michelle Rhee vs. Diane Ravich slugfest, or this summer’s grudge match of Rahm Emmanuel vs. Karen Lewis, which … Continue reading

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Tenure: An idea whose time has gone?

Megan McArdle’s recent piece in The Atlantic makes this claim.  My favorite part was her response to the argument that it is tenure that allows professors to produce important research: How about valuable scholarship?  Well, define valuable–in many liberal arts fields, the … Continue reading

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Two views (and students…)

The Post yesterday ran two teacher perspectives on SB 10-191 (see: pro, con).  Both should be read, if only for the contrast.  What I find really illuminating about them is how they talk about students. One starts with a teacher engaging his … Continue reading

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A parallax view on SB 191

With Mike Johnston’s teacher evaluation bill headed towards a vote later today, the heightened rhetoric has now eclipsed the likely impact.  For while I wholeheartedly support this bill, I also think the fevered opinion has given it a prominence that … Continue reading

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Alternatives to seniority-based layoffs

In the discussion regarding direct placement of teachers, it is sometimes perceived that this system is the standard course of events — that our nation’s public school systems all have a similar process.  A report from the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) finds that … Continue reading

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Boettcher evaluation: More facts, please

I am generally leery of statements in education which begin “It’s a fact…”  I am even more so when these facts overwhelmingly support the organization making the claim in a sort of self-congratulations (though this is extraordinarily common).  So I … Continue reading

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