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Tuition subsidies: A difference of degrees

States subsidize college for many of their residents.  Generally this has been perceived as a good trade-off: a state (and its taxpayers) benefit in a variety of ways by having a more educated populace and workforce. But with budgets under … Continue reading

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Teacher Attrition in Charter Schools

One of the traditional complaints about charter schools is that they have high teacher turnover.  Particularly when hired through alternative channels (such as Teach for America), many critics believe – and several studies have borne out – that charter teachers … Continue reading

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Can you teach teaching?

In this remarkably insightful article, Doug Lemov seems to think so: Central to Lemov’s argument is a belief that students can’t learn unless the teacher succeeds in capturing their attention and getting them to follow instructions. Educators refer to this art, … Continue reading

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Boettcher evaluation: More facts, please

I am generally leery of statements in education which begin “It’s a fact…”  I am even more so when these facts overwhelmingly support the organization making the claim in a sort of self-congratulations (though this is extraordinarily common).  So I … Continue reading

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TFA application growth astounding

An Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal which, if you can get past the polarizing anti-union language, has some very interesting statistics on Teach for America: Here’s a quiz: Which of the following rejected more than 30,000 of the nation’s top college … Continue reading

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Improving teacher quality: 7 policy ideas

From the Education Equality Project – the strange bedfellows of Al Sharpton and Joel Klein – comes a position paper on improving teacher quality.  Among it’s many virtues is that it is only seven pages, and it is well worth a complete … Continue reading

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When you become a good teacher, you stop improving?

Some expert comments summarized by the Post’s ever-enterprising Jeremy Meyer: Teachers stop showing signs of improvement after about four years on the job — even after a master’s degree or obtaining tenure, said Jane Hannaway, founding director of the Education Policy Center at the … Continue reading

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