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DCTA and the DPS Bond

Somewhat buried in an article in the Rocky on raising money to promote the upcoming District school bonds across Colorado: While both Jeffco and DPS expect to end up with lighter fundraising totals than in past years, they differ in one respect … Continue reading

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Pension investments tank; merger problematic

There is increased interest on these pages in pensions, which is a positive development on a serious and complicated long-term problem. What is more difficult is the financial climate in which school systems and other entities will now be addressing … Continue reading

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Then again, it could be far worse…

Consider it education globalization: Previously, the union oversaw most hiring and firing of teachers. Those who worked at government schools were allowed to decide who got their jobs when they retired, a hangover from a time when teaching was viewed … Continue reading

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DPS Bond details

The details of the forthcoming bond have been posted in a pretty interesting interactive graph by the Rocky. Just as the Rocky maintained school-by-school information including CSAP and SAR reports (which unfortunately seems to have vanished), they have done a remarkable public … Continue reading

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Straight from the teacher’s mouth

A very interesting blog at the NY times where “a group of teachers chronicle their experiences during the first weeks of the school, offering first hand accounts of today’s classroom challenges from diverse perspectives.“ I generally say we hear from people claiming … Continue reading

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Correlation and causation in arts education

The summary of a new CDE and Colorado Council on the Arts (CCA) study titled “The Arts, Creative Learning and Student Achievement” is proof positive that someone should have spent more time with math. The first paragraph of the summary … Continue reading

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DC’s teacher contract far bolder than ProComp

There is a brief New York Times editorial on the proposed Teacher contract in Washington DC. The core of this plan, as outlined below, is in sharp contrast with Denver’s recent ProComp dispute, which focused on pay, barely touched performance, and did … Continue reading

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