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The Future of College

A remarkable essay in the New York Times on the rise of massive open online courses (MOOCs) and their impact on higher education. What is particularly striking is less the insatiable appetite for this sort of offering (which has been … Continue reading

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Tuition subsidies: A difference of degrees

States subsidize college for many of their residents.  Generally this has been perceived as a good trade-off: a state (and its taxpayers) benefit in a variety of ways by having a more educated populace and workforce. But with budgets under … Continue reading

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Income, race and affirmative action

An interesting and persuasive essay on affirmative action from the New York Times’s David Leonhardt makes an important point.  The guiding principle behind affirmative action was fairness. However, in applying the principle of fairness, affirmative action programs simply filtered candidates by … Continue reading

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Student drinking and debting

Among the many paradoxes that face seniors finishing high school is this: you can sign student loan papers for tens of thousands of dollars in debt for you and your family — debt that is virtually impossible to discharge — … Continue reading

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Majors matter

Film trivia: the movie The Graduate has only one mention of an undergraduate major, and it belongs to the character that is not a graduate.  Mrs. Robinson intended to major in art history, but left college early.  The movie contrasts her unrealized … Continue reading

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Higher ed: The next bubble?

A provocative hypothesis is newly making the rounds: Does higher education currently have the basic characteristics of a speculative economic bubble? Given new life by investor Peter Thiel, it is an idea that has been around since at least 2009 … Continue reading

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I write the papers that make the whole world sing…

Think that students are all doing their own work?  Try this truly stunning first-person piece from a hired ghost writer for, well, anything: I’ve written toward a master’s degree in cognitive psychology, a Ph.D. in sociology, and a handful of postgraduate credits … Continue reading

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