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2013 Colorado Election Prediction

I find most political commentary spurious – either so far in advance that no one remembers how inaccurate it was, or done only in hindsight where one is merely suggesting explanations for outcomes already known. Far more interesting are predictions just … Continue reading

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Indiana’s Accountability Mess: On Becoming A Monster

Update 8/1: Since I published this piece, Bennett has resigned and Anne Hyslop at the New America Foundation has done the hard and invaluable work of checking the math. Original post follows: ————————————————————————–  The story that former Indiana Superintendent and … Continue reading

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Colorado Education’s Little Man Complex

Anyone who follows education policy knows that many programs are oversold. Initiatives and bills are touted as groundbreaking, landmark, and unprecedented — often well in advance of any ground broken, land marked, or precedent undone. This is generally part of … Continue reading

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High School Savior Syndrome

A new day is dawning at North High School. Under the watchful eye of an experienced and proven principal, with the unwavering support of passionate teachers and coupled to galvanized support from many residents, North High is on a fresh … Continue reading

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Board Member Overboard

There is an extraordinary post today by sitting Denver school board member Jeanne Kaplan which should be required reading for anyone who still believes the DPS board has the possibility of rational agreement. Kaplan takes a Board decision with which … Continue reading

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Signal Defeats Noise!

In my opinion, the biggest unheralded winner in yesterday’s election was Thomas Bayes. Now Bayes died back in 1761, but his influence lives on in Bayes’ Theorem, which is one of the tentpoles of modern statistics and probability.  His modern … Continue reading

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CTU Strike is Not The World’s End

The primary media narrative concerning the CTU strike seems to be that it is a MegaBattle which could decide the future of unions, the structure of schools, the influence of ed reform policy wonks, and the very soul of K-12 … Continue reading

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