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Orwell’s school ratings

A coalition of 18 different organizations (including several with whom I am affiliated) have worked together to devise a simple website that grades all of Colorado’s public K-12 schools.  They have undertaken this effort for a simple reason: The words we use … Continue reading

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Pre-results post-mortem

Alan has asked bloggers for their thoughts on the election as part of a post-mortem.  I find this rearview mirror perspective usually boringly obvious, as it’s far easier to ascribe cause once one knows the effect.  So I’m sending in … Continue reading

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Denver school performance through a political lens

A+ Denver issued a new brief yesterday (and full disclosure – I helped crunch some of the numbers).  It’s oddly not available (as of now) on their website, but it’s worth a look, so I’m posting here: SPF by District Report 10.12 … Continue reading

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Opinion: Board members, middle schools and truth

Jeannie Kaplan and Andrea Merida, two sitting members of Denver’s board of education, published this Op-Ed last Friday.  Its genesis, they tell us, is in their conversations with Denver parents.  “We are listening,” they write, “and are calling for the truth about … Continue reading

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The price of milk in education (answers now provided)

I’ve updated this post with the answers and source links, which follow the questions below: – Last week I moderated a mayoral forum on education at KIPP. The candidates were, I thought, quite good – there was a suitable range of opinion, and … Continue reading

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Bullseye, overlooked

Overlooked in the controversies of the board meeting on Thursday night was an important vote that signifies a considerable change in policy.  The board was contemplating a course of action for Manny Martinez, a charter school who, in its first … Continue reading

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The 2010 election and ed reform

One of the ongoing lessons of the shifting electorate is that party affiliation is less and less likely to predict specific election outcomes.  It’s simply no longer possible to count votes based purely on one’s declared party.  2010 clearly demonstrated … Continue reading

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