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Loco control

Defeat often begets a scapegoat.  In the wake of the twice-short Colorado application to R2T, this has now solidified: the judges were “perplexed by local control” which led to a lack of objectivity. This is a familiar refrain — them pointy-headed … Continue reading

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What’s missing from the DPS pension dispute?

What’s missing? Teachers. And that’s a little odd, isn’t it, since it is their pensions primarily at issue, and individually they have the most to gain or to lose.  Now mix in that the same people crying foul over the … Continue reading

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Political fiddling while pensions burn

Gretchen Morgenson, the current dean of financial reporting, covers the DPS pension debate as part of a series on private and public debt.  This particular political pigskin has been kicked enough to shame Jason Elam, but I’m glad it is getting more attention, because … Continue reading

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Dems and ed reform, redux

An illuminating piece by Nicholas Kristof in the NYT: Good schools constitute a far more potent weapon against poverty than welfare, food stamps or housing subsidies. Yet, cowed by teachers’ unions, Democrats have too often resisted reform and stood by as generations … Continue reading

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Sunlight and election questions

The plight of newspapers is well known; how information about important topics like school board races is disseminated and reviewed by voters is both incredibly important and in real flux. How does the public – especially a younger demographic less … Continue reading

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Union fissures in negotiations

In Washington DC, the current union negotiation with the district is showing cracks within the union itself: Contract talks between the District government and the Washington Teachers’ Union, now in their 18th month and under a mediator, are escalating tensions within the … Continue reading

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Teacher Identifier bill going through

It’s on the way to the gov. And it passed the State House unanimously. I’ll confess: I love data.  Despite all the fuss on ProComp being “groundbreaking,” it was (and remains) data-lite. I still think the most important development in … Continue reading

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