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Teacher Evaluation: Separating Personality from Policy

Coverage of education — like most of public policy — tends to gravitate towards big personalities. For a while there was the Michelle Rhee vs. Diane Ravich slugfest, or this summer’s grudge match of Rahm Emmanuel vs. Karen Lewis, which … Continue reading

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Tuition subsidies: A difference of degrees

States subsidize college for many of their residents.  Generally this has been perceived as a good trade-off: a state (and its taxpayers) benefit in a variety of ways by having a more educated populace and workforce. But with budgets under … Continue reading

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Pensions Matter (even if they bore you)

An insightful Donnell-Kay Hot Lunch on Friday focused on pensions [update: see this piece and linked podcast].  Now I think pensions are pretty important, but I understand why eyes glaze over when the topic arises. And even if you don’t get … Continue reading

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The Talking Dog of Denver’s ProComp

The CTU strike has renewed a conversation about teacher compensation, and the issue of performance pay (which did not survive the windy city negotiations).  Unfortunately most of the discussion lumps all changes to the standard salary ladder of traditional districts … Continue reading

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Commentary: The fallacy of Chesterton’s Fence

I recently came across – in, of all places, an essay on tax polices for capital gains — a topic I think resonates in any discussion on education reform: The Fallacy of Chesterton’s Fence. I like fallacies.  As a somewhat directionless … Continue reading

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Compensation potpourri

First, a piece in the Denver Post on bonus for principals in DPS: Nearly $1.7 million in bonuses was given to principals and assistant principals in Denver Public Schools last year in a program meant to attract top educators to the urban … Continue reading

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Teacher Pay in Eagle County

In Eagle County, a teacher pay program continues to evolve, in many ways similar to the slow progress of ProComp, but without all the drama.  In no small part because of the small size of the school district (less than 500 teachers), the … Continue reading

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