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Time waits for no one…

I started blogging regularly in the Fall of 2008. When I set up this website I put a reminder note in my calendar: on my fifth anniversary, I would step back and reflect on this work, and decide if it … Continue reading

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Colorado Education’s Little Man Complex

Anyone who follows education policy knows that many programs are oversold. Initiatives and bills are touted as groundbreaking, landmark, and unprecedented — often well in advance of any ground broken, land marked, or precedent undone. This is generally part of … Continue reading

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Michael Bennet and Educational Re-Gifting

Current United States Senator and former DPS Superintendent Michael Bennet is the subject of a Maureen Dowd column in the New York Times.  One has to overcome Dowd’s unfortunate fetish for both absurd analogy (Vail’s ski cliffs) and odd personal … Continue reading

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The mixed gift of time

That Colorado was one of several states that will increase the time students spend in school was considered big enough news to make the front page of the Denver Post; luckily a more reasoned look detailed that this program includes just … Continue reading

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SchoolChoice and the Marriage Problem

One of the biggest changes last year in DPS was the implementation of the SchoolChoice program, which matches candidates with schools by using an efficient algorithm so that there are no two students who would trade places. That this was … Continue reading

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I Have Met Finland and It Is Not U.S.

I’ve always been amused by the comparisons of the US Educational system with that of Finland. For starters, Finland has about 5.5 million people, about the same as Cook County IL — and a glance at Wikipedia notes that Finland … Continue reading

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Graduation day poem

Earlier in my life, I studied modern American poetry.  One of the contemporary poets I really like was Dorianne Lux, who wrote the following.  To all of Colorado’s high school graduates – congratulations. Books by Dorianne Laux You’re standing on the … Continue reading

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