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Commentary: The fallacy of Chesterton’s Fence

I recently came across – in, of all places, an essay on tax polices for capital gains — a topic I think resonates in any discussion on education reform: The Fallacy of Chesterton’s Fence. I like fallacies.  As a somewhat directionless … Continue reading

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Pre-results post-mortem

Alan has asked bloggers for their thoughts on the election as part of a post-mortem.  I find this rearview mirror perspective usually boringly obvious, as it’s far easier to ascribe cause once one knows the effect.  So I’m sending in … Continue reading

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The price of milk in education (answers now provided)

I’ve updated this post with the answers and source links, which follow the questions below: – Last week I moderated a mayoral forum on education at KIPP. The candidates were, I thought, quite good – there was a suitable range of opinion, and … Continue reading

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2010 top education stories

One of the whimsical pleasures in a New Year are the end-of-year lists.  These are often more for amusement than instruction, but do a reasonable job of measuring the sentiment of the previous twelve months.  So, in contrast to Van’s … Continue reading

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I write the papers that make the whole world sing…

Think that students are all doing their own work?  Try this truly stunning first-person piece from a hired ghost writer for, well, anything: I’ve written toward a master’s degree in cognitive psychology, a Ph.D. in sociology, and a handful of postgraduate credits … Continue reading

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It goes to 11…

A state Senator in Utah has a plan that many in the state see as attractive given a $700M budget shortfall. The sudden buzz over the relative value of senior year stems from a recent proposal by state Sen. Chris Buttars that … Continue reading

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Pop quiz: Neighborhood schools

Pop Quiz. Note that there may be multiple accurate responses. Readers are free to suggest answers in the comments and I’ll update the post with the right answers (just kidding) my thoughts later this week. Question One: Is a “neighborhood school”: a) … Continue reading

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