Pop quiz: Neighborhood schools

Pop Quiz. Note that there may be multiple accurate responses.

Readers are free to suggest answers in the comments and I’ll update the post with the right answers (just kidding) my thoughts later this week.

Question One: Is a “neighborhood school”:

a) open enrollment
b) selective enrollment*
c) magnet
d) charter
e) racially diverse
f) always high quality
g) always low quality
h) it depends on the political point one is trying to make

*selective enrollment schools are those that include an evaluation of academic or skill-based performance in their admissions criteria.

Question Two: Which of the following qualify as a “neighborhood school”?

a) Polaris at Ebert
b) Bromwell Elementary
c) Denver School of the Arts
d) Manual High School
e) KIPP Sunshine Peak
f)  Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS)
g) Denver School of Science and Technology (DSST)

Update: Part II here

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