Compensation potpourri

First, a piece in the Denver Post on bonus for principals in DPS:

Nearly $1.7 million in bonuses was given to principals and assistant principals in Denver Public Schools last year in a program meant to attract top educators to the urban district.

The incentive plan is being revamped this year after leaders of several schools with abysmal academic achievement were rewarded — even if their schools were slated for closure.

My thoughts on the Denver compensation plan for teachers (ProComp) are lengthy and generally critical – I don’t see much difference in the plan for principals.  However the most important aspect of a new compensation plan is the willingness to try something different, and the ability to make changes when the plan is not working as intended.  I’d far prefer to see compensation plans instituted that have flaws and are improved than see the status quo on principal (and teacher) pay.

As an apres ski, a critical editorial from the Washington Post on the DC Union’s response to Rhee’s offer on performance-pay.

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