DPS Bond details

The details of the forthcoming bond have been posted in a pretty interesting interactive graph by the Rocky.

Just as the Rocky maintained school-by-school information including CSAP and SAR reports (which unfortunately seems to have vanished), they have done a remarkable public service by putting this together. Even DPS has finally put up more information (although less well presented to the average voter who wants to see school-specific data all at once).

Many people have been arguing for more transparency on the bond; here it is.

10/13 Update: The Rocky has an excellent article that asks several questions about costs. The question I would like to add is on the $48.5M to build two schools on the same campus. That’s almost $25M each (I assume without the cost of the land). I’d love to see what that works out to either per student or per square foot, and some comparisons with other recently-constructed facilities, such as DSST.

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