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Sports Break: skills vs. effective (revisited)

The Denver Nuggets won their first playoff series for the first time since tight shorts; are up 3-0 in the current series, and Charles Barkley has them picked as the team to beat: The reason? You know the reason. We’re talking … Continue reading

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Teacher Identifier bill going through

It’s on the way to the gov. And it passed the State House unanimously. I’ll confess: I love data.  Despite all the fuss on ProComp being “groundbreaking,” it was (and remains) data-lite. I still think the most important development in … Continue reading

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Choose your error

Everyone aspires to systems that have no errors, but in truth most systems we design choose which errors they prefer. The most basic difference is between Type I and Type II errors. A Type I error is a false positive – the … Continue reading

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Stimulus money and teacher evaluations

Teacher evaluations have been a topic on these pages recently.  Here’s what an editorial in the New York Times has to say: Mr. Duncan made a wise move by requiring states to finally publish data on their teacher evaluation systems — and … Continue reading

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