Management and labor

While I continue to admire the attempts, I don’t know of any successful organization where there is not a credible distinction between management and labor, particularly in something as complex and demanding as education.  Full article.

The principal of a charter school run by the city’s teachers’ union, a rare type of school that has been described by some supporters as proof that charter schools could flourish even under strict labor rules, has resigned after clashing with teachers and union leaders, people affiliated with the school said. […]

The departure marked the latest flare-up in the union’s efforts to nurture a successful, labor-friendly alternative to traditional charter schools, which are publicly funded but operate independently of the school system and typically shun union rules in order to provide longer class days and give principals more freedom in hiring and firing staff.

Mr. Goodman’s resignation mirrored a shake-up last spring at the union’s elementary charter school, also in East New York, when the principal resigned amid complaints by teachers and parents of heavy-handed governance.

Denver enters this arena next year, with the opening of the DCTA school in the Rishel building.  Let’s hope they have better luck.

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