Another approach to Charters and facilities

News of a school board moving beyond an initial adversarial approach to facilities and charter schools:

The district sponsored few charters and refused to lease empty schools to them even as many of its buildings stood empty. Still, other city charter schools thrived.

On Tuesday night, [city name] school board members heard a plan to sell three of the 12 schools the district has shuttered in recent years to charter schools. The district also intends to partner with the schools. Board members are expected to approve the agreements next week.

“For too long we said we would partner with charter schools, but it wasn’t real,” said board member Pam Costain.

The city above is not the New Orleans, Washington DC or New York, but (similar to Denver) a smaller district also in fly-over country: Minneapolis, MN, with 91 schools and 33,000 students. If a charter facility partnership can make it there, perhaps it can make it anywhere. Full article here.

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