Controversy include space for academics?

This Denver Post article about space-sharing in DPS focuses on two schools (Kennedy and West) who both have strong parent advocates who want their schools left alone.  The article does not mention their academic programs, so let’s look:

WEST: is currently ranked “accredited  on watch” by DPS based on the School Performance Framework, with low scores on both status (37) and growth (45).  On the Colorado SAR, the school has  been ranked “low” each of the last two years with progress “stable.”  10th grade math proficiency in 2007 of 4% (not a misprint, four). Science was 9%, Writing 11% and Reading 29%.  Not a single student in the 10th grade in 2007 placed advanced on any of the 4 sections of the CSAP.

KENNEDY: also ranked “accredited on watch” with similar scores on status (40) and growth (37).  Colorado SAR ranks it as “low” each of the last two years, and progress is labeled in “decline”.  2007 10th grade Math proficiency in 2007 of 11%. Science 25%, Writing 25%, and Reading 47%.

In a truly fascinating survey conducted by the A+ Citizen’s Committee in 2007, just 29% of parents ranked DPS schools overall as an “A” or “B,” however fully 72% rated their own child’s school as an “A” or “B” (page 14).

The truth is that no parent wants to admit that they are sending their child to a bad school — and what parent in their right mind would?  But adherence to a loud minority of parent voices is not policy. There are some harsh but very real limitations to parental involvement.

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