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Board Member Overboard

There is an extraordinary post today by sitting Denver school board member Jeanne Kaplan which should be required reading for anyone who still believes the DPS board has the possibility of rational agreement. Kaplan takes a Board decision with which … Continue reading

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SchoolChoice and the Marriage Problem

One of the biggest changes last year in DPS was the implementation of the SchoolChoice program, which matches candidates with schools by using an efficient algorithm so that there are no two students who would trade places. That this was … Continue reading

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Ghost alumnus

Perhaps it is the proximity to Halloween, but what I find most troubling about the wrenching and difficult decision to close or transform schools are the ghosts: All of the kids who went through the school, received an education wholly … Continue reading

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Public schools aren’t all that

This month in Denver, six new public schools open their doors. Both innovation and charter schools operating autonomously from certain district and union regulations, these programs offer novel approaches ranging from environmental sustainability to language immersion in Mandarin Chinese. Their … Continue reading

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Neighborhood schools quiz (part two)

I wrote a post last week on Neighborhood Schools, in no small part because I think the term is an open vessel in which people place widely divergent beliefs about what is important in public education. Every designed system has virtues and errors. … Continue reading

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Pop quiz: Neighborhood schools

Pop Quiz. Note that there may be multiple accurate responses. Readers are free to suggest answers in the comments and I’ll update the post with the right answers (just kidding) my thoughts later this week. Question One: Is a “neighborhood school”: a) … Continue reading

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Playing games to sneak kids into good schools

Students across Denver have now put aside their summer games and trotted off to school. Where they head, however, is often decided by how well their parents play the games afforded by the public education system. The most egregious example … Continue reading

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