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Opinion: Board members, middle schools and truth

Jeannie Kaplan and Andrea Merida, two sitting members of Denver’s board of education, published this Op-Ed last Friday.  Its genesis, they tell us, is in their conversations with Denver parents.  “We are listening,” they write, “and are calling for the truth about … Continue reading

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The graduation-proficiency gap in DPS

The recent Westword article on Denver North High School’s manipulation of its graduation rates, the  belief that “juking the stats” likely spreads beyond a single school and a sage comment at the end of Alan’s post wondering what other Denver high schools were … Continue reading

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Ghost alumnus

Perhaps it is the proximity to Halloween, but what I find most troubling about the wrenching and difficult decision to close or transform schools are the ghosts: All of the kids who went through the school, received an education wholly … Continue reading

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How to evolve the School Performance Framework

The recent results of Denver’s School Performance Framework (SPF) was fairly minor news. That’s encouraging, because it means that evaluating schools, with a premium on student academic growth, is more and more part of the lexicon. No one will, or should, … Continue reading

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Advance and hindsight with CSAPs

Back in March, as students were filling in the last of their CSAP ovals, I wrote a post encouraging a discussion of what to look for with 2010 CSAP scores — which were then still 6 months away.  And while I agree … Continue reading

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Public schools aren’t all that

This month in Denver, six new public schools open their doors. Both innovation and charter schools operating autonomously from certain district and union regulations, these programs offer novel approaches ranging from environmental sustainability to language immersion in Mandarin Chinese. Their … Continue reading

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CSAP (in advance)

Students across Colorado finished their CSAP exams last week; results will not be distributed until late summer. Of course, most articles about the CSAPs are written after the results are public, where most people dissect the numbers and look for … Continue reading

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