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I Have Met Finland and It Is Not U.S.

I’ve always been amused by the comparisons of the US Educational system with that of Finland. For starters, Finland has about 5.5 million people, about the same as Cook County IL — and a glance at Wikipedia notes that Finland … Continue reading

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Segregation & DPS

One of the early criticisms leveled against charter schools was that they were “skimming kids” – that the lottery enrollment policy used by charters resulted in the admission of primarily the brightest, most motivated students.  This argument has faded (at … Continue reading

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Low-income students and college

An evil twin to Paul’s earlier post about the continuing economic benefits of a college education is the depressing news that fewer and fewer low-income students are both attending and graduating from college (see full article): Fewer low- and moderate-income high school graduates … Continue reading

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Dems and ed reform, redux

An illuminating piece by Nicholas Kristof in the NYT: Good schools constitute a far more potent weapon against poverty than welfare, food stamps or housing subsidies. Yet, cowed by teachers’ unions, Democrats have too often resisted reform and stood by as generations … Continue reading

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Reunion prompts diversity questions

My wife had her 20th high school reunion recently.  She attended a large public high school noted then, as now, for the diversity of its student body.  But attendees of the reunion itself were not nearly as diverse as the … Continue reading

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Why measuring growth matters

Last week’s CSAP results were coupled with the Colorado Growth Model in a way that began to peel the onion back on school and district performance.  However, one major piece was, to my mind, still missing. The growth model does not differentiate … Continue reading

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Cows: sacred. Oxes: gored

The Harvard economist Roland Fryer did a recent study on the Harlem Children’s Zone (HCZ).  The NYT’s usually reliable David Brooks sort of botched it.  That’s a shame, as it is worth an unfiltered read.  To whet your appetite for original (in … Continue reading

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