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SchoolChoice and the Marriage Problem

One of the biggest changes last year in DPS was the implementation of the SchoolChoice program, which matches candidates with schools by using an efficient algorithm so that there are no two students who would trade places. That this was … Continue reading

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The contortions of Arturo Jimenez

DPS Board Member Arturo Jimenez contributed an Op-Ed to Sunday’s Denver Post in which he explained his rationale for opposing the upcoming Bond.  Mr. Jimenez stressed that the largest problem he sees in DPS is the chronic underachievement of Denver’s … Continue reading

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Pensions Matter (even if they bore you)

An insightful Donnell-Kay Hot Lunch on Friday focused on pensions [update: see this piece and linked podcast].  Now I think pensions are pretty important, but I understand why eyes glaze over when the topic arises. And even if you don’t get … Continue reading

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Chicago’s other problem: Pensions

The deep sigh of relief to have resolution in the CTU teacher strike may be short-lived, as this article in the New York Times points out: The Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund has about $10 billion in assets, but is paying out more than … Continue reading

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Student drinking and debting

Among the many paradoxes that face seniors finishing high school is this: you can sign student loan papers for tens of thousands of dollars in debt for you and your family — debt that is virtually impossible to discharge — … Continue reading

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I Have Met Finland and It Is Not U.S.

I’ve always been amused by the comparisons of the US Educational system with that of Finland. For starters, Finland has about 5.5 million people, about the same as Cook County IL — and a glance at Wikipedia notes that Finland … Continue reading

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Pension debate heats to a boil

Two remarkable articles in the NYT about the dreary and critical subject of public pensions, including those of teachers. The first begins with the YouTubed confrontation between teacher and Governor in New Jersey, but provides a very balanced and nuanced view of the issue: … Continue reading

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