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Choose your error

Everyone aspires to systems that have no errors, but in truth most systems we design choose which errors they prefer. The most basic difference is between Type I and Type II errors. A Type I error is a false positive – the … Continue reading

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DPS Grads and College

A new study, with coverage in the Denver Post and EdNews Colorado (longer and more detail). The take away: A first-of-its-kind study tracking Denver Public Schools’ students six years after high school graduation shows just 56 percent enrolled even briefly in college and far fewer … Continue reading

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Stimulus money and teacher evaluations

Teacher evaluations have been a topic on these pages recently.  Here’s what an editorial in the New York Times has to say: Mr. Duncan made a wise move by requiring states to finally publish data on their teacher evaluation systems — and … Continue reading

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Fed schools chief says kids need more class time

From the Denver Post: “Our school day is too short,” Duncan said. “Our school week is too short.” Duncan says reform proposals coming from the Obama administration will include longer school years, plus Saturday school and longer days. Duncan says some … Continue reading

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Policy Discussion: School Leadership Team

The recent descent into labels (union-basher vs. union-apologist) seems deeply counter-productive.  I personally would rather discuss specific policies, not people or entities. I don’t doubt that people on all sides of the issues have good intentions. So let’s look at … Continue reading

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